Our objective is to add strategic value—above and beyond—to every project we deliver. Since our founding 40 years ago, we have completed more than 1,000 projects — from miles-long road extensions and lake-spanning bridges—to suburban subdivisions and infrastructure for major industrial development. We have developed and earned the reputation as one of Central and South Texas’ finest excavation, structure, and utility construction companies. 

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What Sets Us Apart? We are more than contractors. We are problem solvers. We are a trusted partner that goes above and beyond to help public agencies, developers, and engineers to ensure that projects run smoothly and have successful outcomes. Capital Excavation
  • Our thoughtful and proactive approach: We partner with customers to strategically seek opportunities for success starting with the preconstruction phase. Our proactive stakeholder collaboration enables us to ensure plan feasibility, identify potential issues, and recommend valuable delivery efficiencies.
  • Our experienced team of trade specialists and project managers:  We’ve assembled one of the most skilled, approachable, and responsive teams in the industry. Our team’s ability to execute multiple construction components allows us to further drive efficiency and maximizes outcomes.
  • Our regional expertise and relationships: We understand the unique environmental and regulatory requirements of the Central and South Texas region. And, as a privately-owned business, we have made it a priority to develop strong and trusted relationships with cities, municipalities, subcontractors, vendors, and all the players necessary to get jobs built right.
  • Emphasis on public safety and the environment – From traffic control to jobsite safety, we take no short cuts to prioritize environmental impact and safety at the forefront and throughout every project. We also understand the importance of communication with all participating stakeholders, including the communities that may be impacted by surrounding projects.

– Official from Bexar County